Linn County Chapter

Izaak Walton League

Projects, Grounds

Paint Parking Lines

Flag Pole has lost it’s string, needs replaced

Chapter House
Sidewalk areas cleaned with broom
Gravel raked around trap range

Paint Parking Lines

 Range Work
PR Baffle coated with Wood Preservative
PR Some inside wall painting
RR Some wall Repair

Indoor Range
Ceiling Tile Repair

Clean/Sort Brass
Paint Shooting Positions
General Repairs/Cleaning


Membership Committee Paperwork

RR General Cleaning

Pistol Range T’s painted
Pistol Range Baffle uprights painted

Vinyl Siding cleaned with Pressure washer and Clorox
Sidewalk areas cleaned with broom
Gravel raked around trap range
Sticks and junk removed from under big oak tree with River Rock, raked 
Many leaves piled up in front of the Red Range Door 

Two wayward picnic tables by the garage need to be taken to the shelter

Paint the White Outhouse top of the hill, white again


Recreational Shooting and Education