Linn County Chapter

Izaak Walton League

Recreational Shooting and Education


​​​​​​​​​​Types of Work or Position Needed

Volunteer Coordinator

​Assistant Membership Director Now Filled

Membership Committee Members (paperwork)

​Board / Club Secretary

​Tasks Needed

Painting/Staining  (1 simple and a few minutes)

Frame Building

Lowe's Runs, You will need truck or trailer

Light Construction

Heavy Construction

Wood Repairs

Other Repairs

Cleanups, after a group or maybe storm

Weed Control

On Call for whatever is needed

Bake the Potatos for our Steak Fry Sept 19th ​Filled

Dish out the Salads for our Steak Fry Sept 19th

Trim the Brush back on Road to the Lower Ranges

Range Safety Officers  ​have 2, need 2-3 more

Assistant Instructors

Tour Guides

Newsletter needs folded, stamped monthly (45-50)

Someone to make member calls

Classroom Setup

​Project Mangers for Fall Cleanup

Tuesday Morning 7/24  9:30 Start

Mowing, all Ranges

Mowing All Areas

Blowing out Ranges (Lower)

General Grounds / Signs

Friday Morning 7/20  9:30 Start

Moving Logs

General Grounds

Trap House Projects

Saturday Morning 7/21 8:30 Start, Meet at the Action Range

Trim back Brush on Road to the lower Ranges, both sides

Brush 1 1/2 to 2 inches thick, bring your favorite tool

     Cut it down, lay it down, we will get it later