Linn County Chapter

BB and Air Gun Range

  • Large area with covered shooting positions, shooting targets at 5 and 10 meters.
  • 8 Position, separate structure away from other ranges

8 Position Indoor Pistol Range, Heated, Air Conditioned,  and Ventilated.

  • Shooting targets at 50 feet.
  • Any conventional Pistol caliber.  Full Metal Jacket (FMJ) or Lead bullet ONLY  Shooting from Individual Positions.
  • When the Range re-opens, there will be a $10 per hour fee to use the range.
  • Open on Our Calendar schedule
  • Reopening soon.

12 Position Outdoor Rifle Range, covered for protection from the weather.

  • Shooting targets at 25, 50 or 100 Yards.

  • Any conventional Rifle caliber and bullet.

  • Shooting from concrete benches.

  • Open at 8:00 AM and open every day

4 Position Pistol Action Range, separate one time membership feeof $200*.

  • Any conventional Pistol caliber, FMJ, Lead bullets, and personal protection rounds.

  • Programmable Turning Targets
  • Draw and Fire
  • Steel and reactive Targets
  • This is the ONLY range in which you can draw from a holster.

* Your Action Range Fee is TAX DEDUCTIBLE

Two, 5-Position Trap Ranges with Trap Houses and auto Throwers

Open on our calendar schedule

  • Two additional Trap Practice Ranges available any time we are open.

Archery Range

  • Good size area with 25 and 50 yard distances.
  • Tree Stand from a tower shooting, too
  • 3D Targets welcome

24 Position Outdoor Pistol Range, covered for protection from the weather.

  • Shooting targets at 7, 10, 15, 25, or 50 Yards
  • Any conventional handgun caliber and bullet
  • Open at 8:00 AM and open every day

Our Ranges

Recreational shooting, safety, and fun.

Cardboard 18 to 18 1/8 inches wide

Credit Card option to purchase a 4 Pack of Indoor Range tickets @ $30.

Email with your info and we will mail the tickets to you.

Action Range

Action Range Membership is $200. It is a one time donation to the cost of the building* (you can deduct from your taxes).

Contact to join.

Once enrolled, you just pay for your targets, we will provide the stands. If you use the Steel Targets, you need to have a can ofSpray Paint to re-paint so they will not Rust!

Please be careful not to shoot the concrete walls. Clean up before leaving. The normal reservation for shooting is on the hour, for an hour, 8:00 AM till closing.

Live, on-line, self-scheduling calendar to reserve your time.

New AR members need to demonstrate proficiency at drawing safely from a holster.

Izaak Walton League