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Rimfire Sporter Program

The Rimfire Sporter Program is starting this summer, when current public health restrictions are lifted. This is a developmental marksmanship program for members/family ages 12 and up.

Our Rimfire Sporter Program will provide a fun and economical way to develop your marksmanship skills. We’ll fire from prone, sitting/kneeling, and standing positions. All you need is a magazine-fed .22LR rifle that has a 5-shot capacity. To keep your costs low and to ensure a level playing-field, no “tricked-out” rifles are allowed. You can begin now with our self-paced video tutorial, which will provide the knowledge for you to begin practicing on your own. The video series can be found in our Members Only area.

We’ll follow-up with an instructional practice match, and finally a series of fun rifle matches.

Please direct any questions to
We hope to see you at the range!

Hunter Education 

Watch this space for future announcements regarding our Hunter Education programs.  At present, there are no plans to hold classes until the COVID-19 virus subsides, and we're able to hold group meetings once again.