Having problems with your Gate Card
Don’t Call!   Email Bob pres@mediacombb.net with your Phone number.  Lose your Gate Card? Send $6 with a self-addressed and stamped envelope to:Cyndee Godlove, Gate Card, 4511 Topaz Ave NW, Cedar Rapids, 52405.  

We are Open 8:00 am until 8:00 pm  or Sunset, whichever is earlier.

We are open 365 days a year with the exception of days we must close for Road Work or Snow storms / Snow removal.                                            If the CR Public Schools are closed or close early, so are we!

We Plow the Snow first thing in the morning if possible (9:30 start) after bigger storms. Later if needed. We want the storm to finish before we start most of the time.

We never use Salt, Pepper or Sand on our roads, so be careful!

Ike Rules

Current Members Information Page

Our Tractor has the Right of Way, Whatever it is doing!

Snow Removal will get done as soon as we can get to it, but Volunteers do it so some patience is needed!

Linn County Chapter

Recreational Shooting and Education

Izaak Walton League


We need to know or your Newsletter will not follow you!

email Cyndee at ike_membership@mediacombb.net


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Gate Card Replacement Procedure

Moving, who to contact

Basic Club info

Closing and Snow Days/Removal