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Safety and Survival Classes

Regardless of your personal political ideology or wherein you think the fault for it lies, civility and open discourse is rapidly departing from our society. In fact, many people would submit that the Civility train has pretty much already left Tolerance Station. Into this equation dial the innate unpredictability of human behavior when under duress, the immense peer pressure on today’s young people, rampant drug use and and our constant and futile attempts to multitask while we are driving, hunting or while on a ladder. When all of these things are considered concomitantly, it is clear that the potential for serious injury whether it be intentional or accidental is ever-present.
You can’t predict when Evil will strike, when a marginalized individual will cross the threshold of sanity or when you or someone you love will be involved in a serious accident—BUT YOU CAN PREPARE FOR IT.
Our Ikes is offering a series of 3 courses created and taught by Mike McElmeel. They are designed to help you survive a variety of life threatening situations caused by the chimera of Chance, Intent and Inattention.  Classes are open to members and non–members alike. The minimum age to enroll is left to the parents’ discretion, but generally speaking a guideline would be approximately age 14 due to comprehension level and physical ability.
Friday, August 16, 6–10pm: Casualty Care Part I ($75)
You could be confronted with a serious acute injury sometime at the range, in the woods, while driving or even on a sunny weekend afternoon while working in the yard. It could happen today, tomorrow or next month. Take this class and take the very first step in being prepared to intervene and save the life of a loved one or even your own. Immediate Casualty Care Part I is a hands on class that will show you how to safely approach a victim at an accident scene, control bleeding by applying pressure dressings, optimize victim positioning for breathing and start you on building your own trauma kit. This is not a “First Aid” course on how to apply Band–Aids. You will learn actual real world skills about injury assessment, scene management and treatment modalities.
Saturday, August 17, 8am–2pm: Casualty Care Part II ($75)
This class will first do more practice and reinforcement of the lessons learned in Casualty Care Part I. It will then expand treatment into more complex and extensive injuries. For example, you’ll learn how to stabilize victims with a broken leg, how to provide prolonged field care, when to safely move victims and much more. Note: you do not have to take Casualty Care I to enroll in Casualty Care II.
If you have specific questions about the course content, contact Mike directly at: mikeeighteenzulu@gmail.com
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All classes are taught by Mike McElmeel. Mike is a Paramedic, Emergency Medicine Educator, Law Enforcement Officer, and is retired from the US Army Special Forces. Additionally Mike is certified to teach several Self-Defense & Active Shooter Training programs. He is an experienced and skilled instructor and has taught at our Ikes before. Mike will engage each student individually, is an excellent communicator and is able to break down complicated problems into processable components.