CCW Qualification Shoot 

  Target:                IDPA Paper Target

  Ammo                 FMJ Center Fire Only
  Distance             30 Feet/10 Yards
  Range:                Izaak Walton Indoor Range, Red Door
  Date/Time          Usually 2nd Saturdays Starting at 11:30*
  Shoot Time:        90 seconds
  Number of Rounds         10
  Two loaded (5) magazines or Revolver reload during the 90 Seconds
  You are loaded with your first five rounds when time begins
  Often up to four people shooting at one relay
  Scoring: 10 points for any center circle, 5 points for the box around the circle is in
  80 Points needed
  If you fail, you can shoot up to 4 times per day, the last two are $5 each    

  We will give you any benefit of doubt of a close hit
     Safety first, speed second

   * Class will finish about 11:30 and head to the Range, time will very in Range

Open to all, membership not required

IDPA Target

We collect information on students taking classes Only to use for necessary contact about that class, Sending out certifications or Notifying about similar or advanced class offerings. We never share this info with anyone!

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Classes held here, in our Chapter House

Please fill out this Class Form for all classes, you will get an email confirmation from  CCW Students, we need full name & info for your Certificate

Next CCW  Class will be on a Saturday  None Scheduled  Main Class B

Session A, Optional  CCW Hands On "How to Shoot" Class starts at 8:30


Linn County Chapter

Recreational Shooting and Education

* Required Field to be fill in or this form will not work!

Scoot and Shoot AR Class with retired US Navy Seal

  • August 12th
  • Times Available are 9:30 or 11:30
  • $50
  • Go through coarse of fire 1 on 1 twice
  • Need 100 Rounds
  • Any Semi Auto Rifle/Carbine will work

 To Sign Up,  fill in the form, one per student, then

We need a signup notification by the night before class by 6:00 PM.                   

Just fill out the form above.   We need all student's full name and address.                                               

Guns and Ammunition:You must have a Center Fire Gun, no .22's.

The Ammunition must be new Factory ammo, in the original box ( any brand ) that has a Full Metal Jacket (FMJ) bullet or Lead bullet and is not a reload, remanufactured, cowboy or target load.

Qualification is 10 shots at 30 feet on an IDPA target.

This main Class, Session B, is a when to shoot, how to shoot is covered in the optional Class A - How to Shoot  class is a hands on and lecture session.  It also includes self-defense and home protection information.

The Linn County Ikes is a non-profit organization and all who work on this program do so as unpaid volunteers.  All Qualifications start at around 11:30, please be checked in by 11:30 at the Range!

With the CCW you have the correct permits to buy handguns as well as carry if you want.

Fill in our form or pay an additional fee!

Izaak Walton League

Basic Pistol Seminar

Designed for the beginner, No experience needed  DTBA 

Classroom Session, followed by lunch then 1-on-1 Range Time

$65, you will use our guns and ammunition - More details below

CCW Class Options

  • 9:30 am Start for CCW Class goes until about 11:30, then to the shooting range 30-45 min.
  • $65 for CCW Permit Class - "When to Shoot" or two for $100 
  • Optional "How to Shoot Class" from 8:30 to 9:15 for only $15, prep for Class B if needed
  • The Security Gate (with access code) & classroom door unlock 15 minutes before class start time
  • ​Register on form above rigjht

Location and other information below

The Izaak Walton League conducts CCW / PTC Classes for a permit good in 34 States,

Class in our Chapter House, first building on our property, at 5401 42nd Street NE in Cedar Rapids,             South side of 42nd Street.  with the Green Door

We will have room in class for you!

 We are a club,not a business, but you do not need to be a member to take our classes.

Please  Note :  This CCW Class  is a  When to Shoot  Class!  The class you must have for a CCW permit         Where as Optional Class A is  How to Shoot, if you don't know or aren't sure, take it first same day!

We will cover basic information on guns, ammunition, gun safety and Iowa Law.

If you have no gun, we can provide a nice gun for a $10 cleaning fee, plus ammo, 10 shots at $7, just give us a heads up you need one when you sign up !       

Sign up here on line

Pay in Class by Credit Card, Check or Cash

 NRA Certified Instructor conducts this class and our Certificate is good through out Iowa and 34 States beyond. Our goal is to provide you the basic information to choose a gun for self-defense and carry that gun with the appropriate permit. We spend a lot of time on Iowa and Civil Law, Shoot – Don’t Shoot problems and your preparation, mental as well as equipment.

If you have no gun, we can provide a nice gun for a $10 cleaning fee, plus ammo, 10 shots at $7, just give us a heads up !       


Concealed Carry / Permit to Carry   

Classes A & B plus some Range Time

$15, optional "How to Shoot a Handgun" Class A,  Non Permit Class

$65 for main CCW class B, Range time following class, much more information below for CCW Permit  Discount for 2 or more!