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Recreational Shooting Fun and Safety

shooting and firearms education in Cedar Rapids

We are a local chapter of theIzaak Walton League of America. We are a private group on our own property located on 50 plus acres in Linn County, just off 42nd Street in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. We are a group of approximately 500 members interested in and supporting: Soil, Air, Water and Wildlife Conservation Youth Programs and various Shooting Sports.

About Our Chapter

We like to think of ourselves as your club, The Linn County Chapter, as an entertainment center. Other people might say we are an education center with all of the shooting here. Others might point out the various scouting activities we support. In any case, we have about 500 members who have invited guests, we have the various scout groups and some non-members here for seminars and a wide variety of people visiting here.

 We like to think of this as a playground, also think of it as a big sandbox. Everyone has to learn to play here together.

Unless there is an organized activity (Pistol or Rifle shooting event or Trap Shoot) then members can enjoy themselves within the rules at any time we are open.

Who Belongs to the Linn County Chapter of the Izaak Walton League? The answer to that is, a lot of people with widely different shooting interests. A large number of people use our Archery Range.

We strongly support scouting, Boys, Girls and Cubs. Venture Crew 2000 is an older group that is Co-Ed; Dave Blankenship is helping that large group of late teens find their way.

5401 42nd Street NE ( Street Address )

PO Box 8509 ( Mailing Address ) Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52408-8509       

Our Club

Izaak Walton League

​Privacy Policy

We collect information on students taking classes Only to use for necessary contact about that class, Sending out certifications or Notifying about similar or advanced class offerings. We never share this info with anyone!

As for our Members, we never share or sell our Membership information or lists with anyone!

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