Izaak Walton League

Conservation, Outdoor Recreation,  Safety, and Shooting Sports
Linn County Chapter


About Ikes

We are a local chapter of the Izaak Walton League of America. We are a volunteer-run, privately owned facility located on approximately 47 acres in Linn County, just off 42nd Street in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. We are a group of approximately 660 members dedicated to conserve, restore, and promote the sustainable use and enjoyment of our natural resources, including soil, air, woods, waters, and wildlife.

Open to all Members, 8am to 8pm

(Or sunset, when earlier)


We're located on 42nd Street NE, west of Edgewood Road;

About 2.5 miles West from I-380.


December 27, 2020 Update --

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all of you from Ikes.  We hope you had a pleasant Christmas, and enjoy a safe New Year's Celebration.

Perhaps the New Year will ring in a truly NEW and Much Happier year than 2020!


We mailed out 416 member renewal notices on October 2nd, followed by 184 on October 4th.  We've been getting a few emails about members not getting their notices....not to worry!

The envelopes contain two copies of the renewal notice.  One is to be returned with your renewal payment, the other is for your records, for tax purposes (memberships and donations are tax-deductible, as we are a 501(c)(3) corporation).

The card that you would normally return with your renewal payment has a barcode that allows us to scan the card into the National Ikes member database - this speeds up processing for us, if there are a ton of renewals that show up at the same time.

But, since we already have your member info, and the National Ikes member database has the info as well, we don't really need that card back when you send your payment.

Simply send your payment (a check made out to "Linn County IWLA") in the amount of $150 for an individual, or $210 for a family, to:

Loesje Shema

341 Eastland Drive SE

Cedar Rapids, IA  52403

and we'll take care of your renewal right away.

2021 Safety Briefing News:

Your membership Director will be sending out emails to all members before January 1st, 2021 with all you need to know and to do with regard to your 2021 safety briefing.  Those of you who don't have an email address, we'll get you by standard USPS snail mail...

All members are required to have an updated safety briefing and General Waiver under your belt each year.  If you recently joined -- you, too, are required to renew your signed waiver for 2021 (even if you just attended one when you signed up).

Safety briefings are good from January 1st through December 31st of each year.

Please read your email carefully and follow the instructions for getting your 2021 Briefing and Waiver taken care of.

When we receive your signed waiver, we will mail out your 2021 Range tag and 2021 Guest/Family range tags.  A copy of our 2021 Membership Manual will be posted in the member's area of our website.  It, too, has changed.  Download it, read it, and heed it.

We will resume our new member tours for 2021 on Saturday, January 16th.  New Member tours will then occur on the 1st and 3rd Saturday of each month, beginning at 11 AM.  On those tour days, we offer the Safety Briefing, in person, generally beginning at noon. You may attend one of these and get your 2021 briefing taken care of.  If you need to, you can also pay your 2021 membership dues AND get the briefing all at the same time!

For those members whom we have on record as having attended a Trap Safety Briefing, and/or passed the Indoor Range Safety Briefing/Qualification shoot, we will send you copies of the 2021 Trap and Indoor range waivers -- print 'em, sign 'em, return 'em.

David and Loesje Shema


PLEASE continue to  maintain a 6-foot social distance from other members at all times. This does not apply to your immediate household family members.

If you're not feeling well (cough, fever, headache)  prior to entering the grounds, please turn around and go back home.  It's no fun to shoot anyway if you're ill!


If you wish to qualify to use the indoor range without RSOs present, send an email to ikes.membership@gmail.com.  We'll take care of you.


MEMBERS -- Take advantage of our Buy/Sell/Trade section.  If you have something you're looking to buy, to sell, or to trade -- send the description to ikesmembership@gmail.com.  I'll post it and you're on your way.  Let me know when I can take your listing down, so the site doesn't get filled with really old listings.  -- Dave Shema


Thanks for being patient while we went through this period of uncertainty.  Maintain your vigilance and stay healthy.


Committee Updates

The 3D Archery and Air Gun Range is NOW OPEN!!!  The entry is found between the Air Gun/BB range and the Outdoor Pistol Range.  Follow Bert's wood-chip trail.  There are currently some 3D Deer and Turkey targets along the path, with more to come.  In addition there are some cross-bow friendly targets along the way.

We are adding five 42 inch by 42 inch all weather targets to the trail.  These will be outdoors in their own protective shelters.

We have added a 60-yard bow range and will soon be building a new tower.

Also, a separate walking trail is open, it starts behind the Indoor Pistol Range building and connects with the existing Girl Scout Nature trail.  No wood chips at present.  There are no wood chips to follow on this new trail (yet).

Contact the Committee

If you wish to become an Action Range user -- there is a one-time fee of $200.  Once you pay the fee, you'll be asked to contact Walker Kelly to arrange an empty firearm check to demonstrate that you can safely get your gun in and out of a holster.  Following the holster check, you'll learn how the turning target system works, and learn other things that are good to know before shooting in the Action Range.  You'll then get the key code for the door, and you're in!  If you want to use the on-line calendar to schedule your time, you need to have a Gmail account, and we need to know what it is so we can add you to the list of users.

Contact the Committee

There is a lot planned for our grounds in the coming months and years.  Pollinators, Prairie, Savannah, native trees.  And more!  Watch the newsletter for developments.

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The indoor range is again open to currently qualified members.   There is an additional cleanup step -- wipe down with sanitizer after you wipe down with lead remover.  Your gate card will once again get you inside the IPR.

Want to qualify to use the Indoor Pistol Range?  Send an email to ikes.membership@gmail.com.  We'll take care of you.

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The outdoor range building has been repaired.  It has a new roof and skylights.  Overhead baffle work will be next.

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The concrete blocks at the 100 yard line have been replaced with a bullet-friendly alternative to better protect against ricochets.

The overhead baffles are next on the repair list.

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People have been using the trap houses on a regular basis.  The trap ranges are here for your enjoyment.

Let us know if you need a Trap Range safety briefing.

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